The Daughter’s Doggerel

Tales from End to End
An Ode to my Parents:
or The Daughter’s Doggerel

(apologies for the awfulness
– at least I don’t teach English!)

by Tanya Willis

Tanya Willis
Tanya Willis

There once was a fellow named John,
Who was always quite keen to get on.
He climbed hill and dale,
Roamed fen and vale,
He was here and then he had gone.

Now John had a wife named Nancy,
He had an idea and a fancy,
To walk through the land,
As Nancy had planned,
Although it could be a bit chancy.

At times there were problems of rain,
Of illness and risk of a sprain,
Still Nancy and John,
They had to get on,
And ambled along down the lane.

They walked the length of the kingdom,
Unwilling to hitch or to thumb,
They carried along,
Singing a song,
Though the north wind could make them quite numb.

The reason for such a big stride,
Was down to dad and his bride,
Determined to gain,
Lots of money for the aim,
Clean water for the poor he would chide.

The story of this elderly (!) couple,
Should improve their chances double,
Not least to come back
After this terrific hack,
And relax after all of the trouble.

Tanya Willis teaches history at a school in Market Harborough. She is married to Phil and has three delightful children who are going to be walking with us for one day of LEJOG.