Clean Water

Clean Water: Sanitation and water supplies in Pujehun District

In the more remote parts of rural southern Sierra Leone, very few people have access to clean water and hygienic sanitation. Across the entire Pujehun district, with almost 300,000 inhabitants, there are currently only 446 water pumps, 258 wells and 386 VIP toilets (a ‘Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine’, a sustainable, hygienic, low-maintenance form of sanitation ideally suited to these areas).

Working with NMJD
Christian Aid has worked with NMJD for a number of years in Sierra Leone. They have repeatedly proven that they can have a big impact, such as through this anti-AIDS rally - © Annabel Davis

This project will dramatically improve quality of life for these poor and marginalized rural communities and will be a significant step towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Water, Sanitation and Health. The project will enable sustainable improvements in water, sanitation and health for rural people in 78 communities in Sorobeima and Makpele chiefdoms in the District.

At the moment, women and girls have to walk long distances to rivers and swamps to fetch water and face the risk of assault whilst walking alone in the bush. The same water sources are used for toileting, washing, cooking and drinking, which causes health problems such as diarrhoea, worms and scabies and is a major cause of death in babies and young children. Through rainwater collection systems, new wells and many other activities, the project will make women’s and girls’ lives safer, will improve the health of people across the region and will save children’s lives.

A big impact

  • Directly helping 27,000 people (and indirectly 287,000)
  • 3 year project (started February 2010)
  • Total project £651,000

Trusted partners

The project is being carried out by the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) and Rehabilitation and Development Agency in Sierra Leone (RADA), who Christian Aid has worked with for many years.

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