Announcing: Coastliner Way

In 2015 John and Nancy completed their own ‘Coast to Coast Walk’ from Liverpool to Flamborough. For the second half of the walk (from Leeds to the east coast) their route ran roughly parallel to the route taken by the Coastliner bus and they used that bus each day to get back to their parked car.

The thought crossed their minds that the route they had taken from Leeds to the coast could, with just a little tweaking, be made into a Long Distance Walk…

That’s what they have done and they are calling the walk ‘Coastliner Way’.

The attraction of the Walk is that each leg starts and finishes at a Coastliner bus stop. This means that, apart from getting to the start of a walk, there is no need to use private transport. Click Coastliner Way for lots more information about the walks.

St Hilda’s Way footpath

Announcing a new long distance footpath: St Hilda’s Way

St Hilda’s Way is a new 43 miles long-distance trail in North Yorkshire, starting from Hinderwell and finishing at Whitby Abbey. Nancy and John have lent their assistance in devising the route and writing the guidebook.

St Hilda’s Way is being launched on Sunday 28 June 2015 with a special service at St Hilda’s Well at Hinderwell Church. There is then a led pilgrimage and the full walk will be completed over the following five days.

Click here, or on the St Hilda tab above, for lots more information about the walk.


Getting geared up
Getting geared up

  As we have spoken  about our walking  jaunts at various church  meetings or to  individuals, the  question often comes  ‘Well, how do you go  about planning these  long walks?’.

 The answer is that it is  all in the preparation. There is a lot to do before we even begin to walk, as the walking and speaking and keeping the website up to date takes a lot of energy, and there is simply not the mental space for working out the route or accommodation ‘on the hoof’ as it were. Key to the whole enterprise is the Internet. The reason for this is that we do not wish any longer to be carrying everything we need on our backs. We also do not have kindly people willing to give up weeks of their time to wait in car parks for us to arrive at some specified time. Our own car carries our main gear and we just take what we need for the day. We try to drive it to the previously planned end of the day’s walk and park it. Get public transport to the place where we ended the previous day’s walk and then walk to the car. Sometimes the bus/train times do not allow this so we have to drive to the start first and then get the bus/train back. This means we need to check out ‘Traveline’. This is a brilliant website which tells you what goes from where and at what time. The Internet also lets us book accommodation online and get in touch with any churches we need to contact.

So preparation (and lots of it) has been going on here for the last couple of months ready for the next venture of Dover to Carlisle.


Announcing Tales

John has a sub-plot for the walk from Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJOG). As the walk proceeds, he is collecting stories from people along the route.

These “Tales from End to End” will appear in John’s corner of this site. Click the “Tales” tab above to find out more.

The first few tales will appear before they set off. You can read the first one already.

Announcing LEJOG

John and Nancy are planning to do a major sponsored walk for Christian Aid. It is the Land’s End to John o’Groats walk, or ‘LEJOG’, the ultimate challenge for long-distance walkers. Click LEJOG for more details.

Check back here, once they have started, for posts about their progress and a ‘his and hers’ impression of the venture so far.