The Adventure begins in style

 Thursday 31st March

We have had the most AMAZING time. We drove to the YMCA in Penzance where we were staying and dropped off our stuff and then onto the great and good reception at Land’s End. The food was WONDERFUL. Oysters, smoked salmon, lobster, dressed salmon, tomato and basil salad and all kinds of sweets and cheeses together with sparkling rose wine, cocktails (including a Lands End Sunset (which I had)). The photographer from the Cornishman paper was there and we will feature in that paper and an interview promised for tomorrow on BBC Radio Cornwall (at 6 am but you can listen on line at a more civilised time). There were big wigs from the Land’s End owners and a few folk wearing gold chains around their necks.

Apparently there are 13 people starting off on the big walk tomorrow including some star from “The greatest losers” program who lost 13 stones on his diet and is now to walk to John o’Groats and back!

What a start to the adventure.

1st April
1st April
All ready to go

We took the photos and the video for Derek Paterson to see and hear. John did sing the whole of the hymn but cyber space only allows a small amount. I missed the moment when John dislodged the arm of the signpost pointing to new York. (Dennis and others might be interested that John has left his mark!) The weather is dry but very very misty so no glorious views.

New journey stage

The journey starts in one new way

Yesterday we moved out of the Vicarage and had our furniture stored and we are now at my sister’s house in Filey. I finally feel as though I have ended my time as a Vicar as I have moved out of the Vicarage! It is however very strange not having a permanent address. The Census forms are at an interesting point in time for us! We are leaving almost everything in boxes now and going minimalist.

Today we went to Flamborough Church. The Vicar Peter, kindly let us introduce ourselves to the congregation and give them an idea of what we are about with this walk and the fact that Flamborough Lighthouse will be our halfway point at 640 miles. They were very supportive and we are hoping that they will be able to meet us at the lighthouse when we arrive there.


Just one Week left

There have been lots of good wishes for our walk including all sorts of people we have met in the course of trying to get our house removal sorted! For those of you who are not aware – we are having to put our furniture in store with very kind and long suffering members of our family before we swan off and enjoy ourselves on the walk.

On 31st March there is to be a gathering of the great and good of Cornwall in order to open the newly re-vamped centre. We have been invited! The Communications Officer at the centre is also making quite a splash in the local media of the 7 people (we are 2 of them) who are starting LEJOG on April Fools day. We were interviewed yesterday and this should feature somewhere in their publicity.

The East Midlands Christian Aid group are planning something for when we walk through that part of the country and the Hessle church are bringing a banner and hoping to meet us on the Humber Bridge. It seems quite amazing really that people we hardly know are pulling out the stops for us.



These last few weeks I have started to climb hills again. The first section of the LEJOG walk is along the South West coastal path and it is going to be tough going. As one of our daughter’s said “It is like a big dipper!”. Practising hills is going to be a must.

Practising though is one thing. Once the real adventure begins (and it is not too far off now) there will not be the option of doing just 9.3 miles with 3 hills (The amount I walked yesterday). I will have to keep going on to the end of the allotted amount. Even dress rehearsal’s are not the same as the real thing!

The photo included is similar to the one shown in the York Press. 1280 miles contains a lot of 9.3 mile sections!


1280 miles
1280 miles

Announcing Tales

John has a sub-plot for the walk from Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJOG). As the walk proceeds, he is collecting stories from people along the route.

These “Tales from End to End” will appear in John’s corner of this site. Click the “Tales” tab above to find out more.

The first few tales will appear before they set off. You can read the first one already.