Life in all its Fullness

Life in all its Fullness book cover
Life in all its Fullness book cover
New book!

I have been writing a short summary of my life, ably assisted, of course, by Nancy. My original idea had been to recall early stories that might have appealed to our grandchildren. But then I thought: `Why stop there?’ and so later episodes tell of my life up to the present, including a summary of the walking adventures that have been so enjoyable in recent years.

The book’s title comes from St John’s Gospel chapter 10 where Jesus declares ‘I have come so that you may have life; life in all its fullness’. I chose this verse because it sums up how privileged I have been to have a life full of so many different experiences. On numerous occasions I have been conscious of God’s guidance through what I have called his ‘Silent Voice’.

‘Life in all its Fullness’, of course, has nothing to do with making lots of money, or buying lots of expensive ‘stuff’ or becoming a famous celebrity. Rather, it is about rejoicing in the simple gifts of life.

The book costs £5.00 and all profits go to Christian Aid.

Click here for details of how to buy the book.

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