Off at last!

We set off last Monday from Dundee and found the Tay Bridge fairly easily, which was where we were starting the walk. On the way there we came across Desperate Dan.

Desperate Dan in Dundee
Desperate Dan in Dundee
Dundee was famous for jute, jam and journalism. We saw no jute or jam but as the Beano had been produced in the town we were pleased to find the characters on a notice board and the sculpted Dan character. The first morning was grey with sea fret but fairly soon started to brighten up so we managed the majority of the walk along the north Tay bank in glorious sunshine. Several people stopped us to ask what we were doing.
Starting by the Tay Bridge
Starting by the Tay Bridge

The Arbroath Declaration
The Arbroath Declaration
Day two was grey for all of the walk. It was a shorter distance so we had a chance to look around Arbroath and check out the Arbroath Declaration. This was signed on 6th April 1320 at Arbroath Abbey and is hailed as the start of Scotland as a nation with the right to determine its own future. This document was used as the template for the American Declaration of Independence.

We also visited a smoke house and bought a couple of smokies for our tea. They have a lot of bones!

Lunan Castle
Lunan Castle
The coastline after Arbroath is sculptured by the weather and sea. The rock is old red sandstone and it has been eroded into stacks, caves, deep inlets and blow holes. John wanted many photographs as he was in his ‘geography teacher’ mode. After the cliffs is a lovely sandy bay called Lunan Bay. This is apparently where the Dundee-onians come to relax (when the weather is warm). It was almost deserted as we walked along to reach Lunan Castle – well the remains of it.

Here are some of the friendly folk we met on our way:-
Hello to Laurie Bidwell (Dundee City Council), David – good luck on your ‘Dundee to Aberdeen’ walk at the start of the football season, Paula recovering from a broken bone in the foot met at Broughty Ferry, Claire and her spotty dogs who has walked the Camino, Kevin from Arbroath we met near the Abbey and Brian the farmer from Mains of Usan who gave us a lot of information about cows, salmon and barley.


Miles walked so far  36
Money given so far £647 Many thanks to all who have given
Scottish raspberries 1 punnet
Arbroath strawberries 1 punnet
Scottish shortbread 1 pkt plus 2 pieces (homemade)
Arbroath smokies 2
Dundee cake couldn’t be found – even for ready money.
Scrabble Nancy 2 John 3

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