Day 6 The Whitby Town Trail

Window st St HIlda's RC showing the life of St Hilda
Window st St HIlda’s RC showing the life of St Hilda

Today the weather was perfect, bright and sunny and not as hot and humid. Meeting at the Railway station in Whitby was perhaps not the best for Bob from Radio 4 to do some recording, but we managed. Steve, Carol, Margaret and John came to join us for the walk and Clare re-appeared unexpectedly. She had enjoyed it so much yesterday she came for another dose!.

We made it to St Hilda’s RC after their Mass. The organist came to give us some information about the church and the congregation. Then through Pannett Park and off to St Hilda’s Priory at Sneaton Castle. The sisters were waiting for us and we had juice and biscuits and a time in their chapel before a photoshoot.

photoshoot at St Hilda's Priory
photoshoot at St Hilda’s Priory

Sr Carol told us about her call to the veil. Then to the sea front with great views of the Abbey in front of us. St Hilda’s Anglican Church was opened for us to admire the huge Bishop’s Chair and pray for Bishop Alison as she would be being ordained in York Minster this very day.

Remembrance Picture in St Hilda's Anglican
Remembrance Picture in St Hilda’s Anglican
Nearly there
Nearly there

We also saw the Picture of Christ on the cross amid the killing fields of the First World War and prayed for the victims of this week in Tunisia. Then down the West Cliff and across the Esk for the final ascent to the Abbey via Caedmon’s Trod.

Chancel of St Mary's
Chancel of St Mary’s

The bells of St Mary began to peal just as we arrived at the church and we could hear them as we walked through to the Abbey grounds (courtesy of English Heritage). A final prayer before going into St Mary’s for a communion service where we could light candles in thanksgiving for our pilgrimage and sing the famous hymn ‘Who would true valour see’.

Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey

Pilgrims on the walk five of whom did the whole 42 miles
Nancy, John, Barbara, David, Pat, Rosemary, Alan, Christine, Hilda Mary, Jan, Hugh, Angela, Barry, Barry, Jean, Graham, Joan, Don, Christine, Bernadette, Malcolm, Sam, Penny, Paul, Anne, Anne, Joe, Peter, Barry, Ian, Paul, Robin, Graham, Paul, Matthew, Jayne, John, Clare, Anna, Veronica, Steve, Carol, Margaret, John, Bob and four dogs.
(a total of 45 people)


This day’s pilgrimage was recorded for Radio 4 and will be broadcast on their ‘Sunday’ program in August.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 The Whitby Town Trail”

  1. Such a wonderful journey and such a lovely focus around this amazing lady, St Hilda. Thank you

  2. Just sat down to view the record of the pilgrimage. It is a wonderful memento of what was a remarkable journey. It will always stay in our memory and some of our friends are looking forward to doing the walk with us; we certainly will be doing it again.
    Pat, David and Zebedee

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