Day 4 St Hedda’s Egton to Sleights

We met up by St Hedda’s – seven pilgrims and dog to start the day. Paul and John from York joined us. There was a steep pull up the hill to the Egton Mortuary Chapel which is our first stop today.

Pilgrims at the mortuary chapel
Pilgrims at the mortuary chapel

We were met by churchwarden Peter, who had opened up the chapel for us and gave us some history of the chapel and a look at some of the old maps and photos and papers.

old map of area
old map of area

children's work at Egton church
children’s work at Egton church

After our song and prayer at the chapel we went on to St Hilda’s Egton (dodging a low loader which had come for the vicar’s broken down car!). This church has a good ministry to the next door school and children’s work was displayed for us to enjoy.

Here we mused on Hilda the teacher and thanked God for those who had taught us. After welcome refreshments at the vicarage we were joined by Christine the vicar and got as far as Grosmont for lunch.

The temperature rose in the afternoon as we walked on to St Oswald’s Pastoral Centre at Sleights and new made scones, tea, coffee and cool water were most welcome.

pilgrims being welcomed at St Oswald's
pilgrims being welcomed at St Oswald’s

A final fillip for the day was a phone call from Radio 4. They want to come and record an interview with us on Friday for a programme in the autumn! St Hilda is to make National Radio.

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