Day 2 Scaling Dam to Danby Visitors Centre

The second day was promising to be warm! The eight expected pilgrims met up again at the Scaling Dam Centre. The paths were dry and found to be where the book said they would be. We ascended to the top of Beacon Hill (with wonderful views north, south, east and

Pilgrims on the second day
Pilgrims on the second day
west) and paused for a photo-opportunity. Downhill to Danby, making good time so that we arrived at Danby Church in time for a very welcome cup of tea from the welcoming people at Danby.
Welcome to Danby Church
Welcome to Danby Church

Once there we met up with four more pilgrims led by Paul Rathbone, who had followed down the hill from the Beacon and eventually caught up with us. They remained with us a short while longer and eventually we made it back across the River Esk only to be caught
Conversation with statue
Conversation with statue
by a talking statue who lectured on the fish to be found in the river. The Moors Centre at Danby were selling welcome refreshments and we finished our second stage at the centre with prayer.

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