The St Hilda Pilgrimage – The Launch -Day 1

The overall route to be walkedThe Pilgrimage began at 11am at St Hilda’s Hinderwell.

Hinderwell Church
Hinderwell Church
St Hilda's Well
St Hilda’s Well
New Archdeacon Samantha was there as well as the
Archdeacon Sam
Archdeacon Sam
Bishop Paul
Bishop Paul
Bishop of Whitby, Paul and Rural Dean, Barry. Bishop Paul reminded us of the great legacy left to us by St Hilda and urged us to think of the legacy we would leave for future generations ….. as well as a lot of other important stuff. The service was meant to be outside by the side of Hilda’s well, but rain stopped play and we had to be inside with some well water for the renewal of our Baptism Vows. However the sun came out in time for the blessing of the new ‘St Hilda’s Way’ and the rousing strains of ‘Guide me O Thou great Redeemer.’ We could also have our picnic by the well before having a photo shoot of all 29 people who
The Pilgrims at the start of the walk
The Pilgrims at the start of the walk
had come to start this new footpath off to a great start. The setting off was in sunshine. The grass and trees verdant and everyone in good spirits. Some found the going more difficult than others, which is always the case in the pilgrimage through life, but the group of pilgrims good humouredly waited, ate, chatted and generally seemed to have a good time.
Scaling Dam
Scaling Dam

We arrived at Scaling dam in quite a breeze but managed to pray the pilgrimage prayer at the end of the day before departing to eat and rest. As the next day is a Monday our numbers tomorrow is expected to be rather less than today.

2 thoughts on “The St Hilda Pilgrimage – The Launch -Day 1”

  1. Hello John & Nancy,
    This looks like another inspiring Pilgimage, how I wish I could be there to share in your and other’s company amongst the glorious North York Moors scenery, unfortunately work gets in the way again but I wish you all many blessings on your journey.

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