More canal, coast and the edge of Lakeland

The Lancaster canal has been our companion, on and off, for much of this week. This is a canal which was built to link the coalfields near Wigan with the limestone quarries at Lancaster and Kendal. Because of its cargoes, it became known as the black and white canal. It was designed by a man called John Rennie and has no locks at all between Tewitsfield (just north of Lancaster) and

Aqueduct over the River Lune
Aqueduct over the River Lune
Preston. This means that aqueducts carry the water across depressions in the land like the one caused by the River Lune. We followed the Lune to the aqueduct and then climbed up to view the river from the top. Most impressive.
Ashton Memorial in Lancaster
Ashton Memorial in Lancaster
Lancaster is also the home of the ‘centroid’ of the UK. This is the central point of our country (including all the islands and Northern Ireland) This point is very near to the Ashton Memorial, built by a wealthy industrial magnate in the Georgian era. From this high point, on a good day, you are supposed to be able to see Blackpool Tower. Its was very hazy when we were there – not really worth the photo from the top.
The canal took us to Hest Bank and the Lancashire coastal path.
On the Lancashire coastal path - Morecambe in the background
On the Lancashire coastal path – Morecambe in the background
This coastal path over looks the dangerous sands of Morecambe Bay where the unwary can be drowned in quicksands. Needless to say we did not venture forth.
Once we reached Tewitsfield, the canal could no longer be used by boats, but the tow path continues on and off all the way to Kendal. Waterfalls cascade down the locks, and further on, there
Lonely canal bridge
Lonely canal bridge
are lonely bridges shorn of their purpose. It seems odd to think of all that endeavour going into the canal, then the heyday, the decline and finally the land being re-used by sheep. There are plans afoot to reclaim the canal along this northern stretch, but it will take a lot of work and money.
So, canal walking is now at an end – the hills beckon!
On Easter day we were greatly welcomed to a beautifully decorated
St Mark's Natland
St Mark’s Natland
church of St Mark’s church Natland, They were most generous in their support. Thank you Angela their vicar (excellent Easter Day service) to Martin and Elspeth, who fed us sumptuously afterwards. Hello, too, to others who met us on our route and gave us their time and interest. Hi to Faith, met a Garstang; Deborah, Alison, Sophie, John and twins Sam and Ruby (also met a Garstang); Tim and Avril on their boat ‘Have Time’; Carol and David on their boat ‘No Problem’; Joe, Jane and Clare at the Stork Hotel near Glasson; Gemma and Cameron cycling on the path to Lancaster; Marion (who is looking for a challenge for her 60th birthday – do try a long distance path Marion- Kris (from Canada and Ruth met on the Lancashire Coastal path; Barry, Yvonne and Sonnie on the Lancaster Canal path; Bob who walked with us and Lesley his wife; David running; and Neil met by the River Kent in Kendal. Thank you all.
This week’s statistics
Amount raised so far Online £785 Offline £2666.05 Total £3451.05
Miles walked this week 54 total so far 554.5
Kissing gates 6
This week’s Scrabble Scores Nancy 1 John 2
Easter Eggs (John) 3 small ones
Cumberland ham and eggs 2 portions

3 thoughts on “More canal, coast and the edge of Lakeland”

  1. My wife, Anne, was at an Easter sunrise service with about 80 others at 6 am led by your friend Angela, St Marks vicar, at Kendal castle on top of the hill. You are walking for a great cause. Neil from Kendal.

  2. We’ll done to you both ! Great cause lovely meeting you both of you the world is lovely place with people like you two in it ! Dave & carol Off no problem Lancaster canal

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