Walking through the Chilterns to Oxford

This week has been very different from last. We left the Thames and went for the higher land of the Chilterns. Chalkland walking is up and down whether it is in the North Downs, Yorkshire Wolds, or Chilterns, but because of the sunny weather it has been glorious.

Red Kite
Red Kite
The birds are now in song and we have had our Chiltern walking accompanied by soaring Red Kites – too many to count and put down in our
Hughenden Manor
Hughenden Manor
statistics. On Wednesday this week, our walk took us past once the home of Benjamin Disraeli and now under the guardianship of the National Trust. From there we walked through West Wycombe and viewed both the Caves which once held meetings of the ‘Hell Fire Club’ and the Mausoleum – now being restored- which towers above the village giving excellent views of the countryside.
misty path
misty path
The second half of the week has unfortunately been misty in the mornings, which rather restricted what we could see. Even a diagonal walk across a grassy field was tricky.
Wesley Chapel Oxford
Wesley Chapel Oxford
This Sunday we have joined Wesley Chapel Oxford in their worship. This chapel has historic links with Wesley and is important in the city. We received another great welcome and much support for our walk and the project in Afghanistan.
As always, the walk has been made by the people we have met en route. So Hello and thanks for your support to: Daisy walking her dog at Burnham Beeches; the Penn Tuesday walkers Mary, Sally, Jackie, Cynthia and Joy; Katherine and helpers at High Wycombe Museum; Ruth and Eddie at All Saints Church High Wycombe; Tara, Eva, Naila, Enzo, Carrie and Stella on the Bledlow Ridge; Nick the bus driver and Jeremy who kept me entertained!; Thanks too to Diane and Su at Wilkinson Sword House; Annette and Sam at Tiddington, Ray at the Tiddington bus stop and Elizabeth a Christian Aid supporter from Thame. Special thanks to Martin and the congregation at Wesley Chapel Oxford – and Roger and Karen being very hospitable to us in Eynsham.
This Week’s Statistics
Miles Walked this week – 53 Total miles walked – 207
Money raised so far offline £886.18 online £430 Total £1131.18
Kissing Gates this week – 21
Scrabble Nancy 2 John 1

One thought on “Walking through the Chilterns to Oxford”

  1. Hi John and Nancy. I have just realised that I have lost your contact details in my computer crash around Christmas time 😦 so hope that you get this message. I haven’t forgotten about you!.
    It’s great to hear that your trek is going so well and that the weather is being relatively kind. I am sure that you enjoyed the day or summer-like weather we enjoyed on Sunday.
    I think you will find that the Severn Way will be accessible on your original route from Worcester to Stourport. Water levels are well down again on the Severn. I have walked some of your route recently and I think it will be OK, though it may be muddy in places.
    What time on Friday 28th do you think you will get to Hallow? My email address is clarke.alison@gmail.com.
    I wish you continued ‘good ground’ and weather.
    Best wishes,

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