Great Send Off

No miles walked yet!
No miles walked yet!

We have had the best of starts to our 501 mile walk. The sun was shining brightly and we had 12 stalwart Christian Aid supporters to send us off in great style from the Captain Webb memorial on the sea front at Dover.

Dover Christian Aid Group
Dover Christian Aid Group

We managed to avoid flooded roads and climbed up onto the North Downs for our first of two days to Canterbury. Though the paths were not the best.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI began to wish I had worn my wellies! This meant our progress was slow on the first day, but the second day things were much drier and we approached Canterbury dry shod with an hour to spare before Evensong which was sung by the wonderful Canterbury Cathedral choir.

Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral

We had not got a speaking engagement for our first Sunday and so decided to worship just across the road from where we are staying at the tiny St Mary the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVirgin church in Hastingleigh. The congregation was most welcoming and the worship was prayerful and uplifting.

We have already had so much encouragement and good wishes and help from people even though we have had only 2 days walking – so here are the thank yous…

Thank you to Maria and Gabriel who met us the day before we set out; and to Emma, Susan, Mannetta, Camilla, Michael, Roger, Walter, Sylvia, David, Aileen and Richard who gave us a great send off from the Captain Webb memorial – and Richard again and his wife Kate who gave us much needed refreshments at the end of our first day’s walk and a lift to re-unite us with our trusty gear- carrying-mobile. Caroline at Hastingleigh was a great help – if you want a good place to stay check out her holiday accommodation at this village – a good centre to explore Kent. Hello too to Amy at Canterbury rail station, Ann at Shepherds Well and her sister Marguerite, and Canon Clare and fellow clergy and Julia and her fellow vergers at Canterbury Cathedral. Vicar John, churchwarden Ros and all the congregation of St Mary the Virgin Hastingleigh for their wonderful welcome and interest.

This week’s statistics

Amount raised in donations en route this week  £70

Miles walked so far   22.5

Kissing gates   9

Trig points   0

Genuine Kent orchard apple juice    1 bottle

This week’s Scrabble Scores        Nancy 1    John 1

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