Contingency plan – an updated route

With just a week to go to the start of the walk, we have been watching the news about the flooding – as have the rest of the nation. Our original plan had been to join the Thames at the barrier in East London and follow it as far as Oxford. Then we would strike cross country to Tewkesbury and follow the Severn. However almost half of this is currently under water and we are having another look at the map and going for plan B (always good to have a fall back plan I think).  Our new route leaves the Thames at Kew and goes through Slough and then cross country to Oxford.  So for all those who were expecting us to swim – sorry – we are going to walk still!

We have been greatly heartened by the interest in the walk. Donations have begun to come in and we have most of our Sundays now booked to speak in churches.  Some folk have offered meals too. This week we made it into the Bridlington Free Press and the Diocesan Newsletter and website               Nancy    



One thought on “Contingency plan – an updated route”

  1. Hi John & Nancy Have you managed to get started yet? We are thinking of you, with the flooding problems God Bless and have a safe journey

    John & Anne Hamilton Sent from my iPhone


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