The last two days have mostly been walked in glorious sunshine with welcomes at the churches matching those at the earlier churches in warmth and generosity. Again we were joined in worship at St Nicholas by Christine, Ken, Phillida Robert and John. The walk from Ganton afforded us our first glimpse of the sea as we climbed the chalk face to the high point at the Staxton mast (which, I discovered, is being dismantled – it has been a useful reference point for lots of walks in the past). The High Wold was at its best and we picnicked above a dry valley, in a welcome breeze, admiring the view.

St James Fordon
St James Fordon

Fordon is a beautiful small church and has a monthly service which has tripled in numbers lately. Pat and Stan were there to welcome us with fruit and drinks, along with Melanie and Julia from Heslington. Another four miles and Pat again greeted us at St Cuthbert’s Burton Fleming, but this time with a table spread with food. Barbara (their vicar) joined us and we had our evening prayers around the table. It was very fitting.

Our final day began with prayers at Burton Fleming chapel and we were sent on our way by Bob, Ann, Margaret, Jennifer and photographer Terry along with energy in the form of Mars bars!

Setting off for the last day
Setting off for the last day

We were joined for these final 10 miles by John and Kathy (bro-in-law and sister), Tish (from Baildon) and Pat (from Scalby). Some of the field paths before Boynton were a bit overgrown and an inconsiderate farmer had dumped a manure heap (large) across the path, but what pilgrimage does not have its difficult stretches of path. At Boynton we arrived minutes after the parallel group from Beverley.

Meeting at Boynton
Meeting at Boynton

There was great rejoicing and swapping of notes on our adventures and prayer together. We divided again for the last 2.5 miles before Bridlington outskirts and we were joined by Becky, Marie, Corinne, Pam, Avril, Julia and Judy.

The Priory comes into view
The Priory comes into view

The first glimpse of the Priory was hailed, and we re-joined the Beverley group to walk through the Old Town to the Priory. Belatedly the Priory bells rang out and a photo-call happened (though as I was in it I have no picture. After a rest and cups of tea, the Celebration Eucharist in the Priory which had all parts led by pilgrims (I was blessed in celebrating at it and preaching) and our badges were presented. Finally the Bull and Sun did us proud in food and drink.

Total Statistics

Miles walked – 254

Churches visited – open 50 locked 35

Kissing gates – 173

Trip points – 3

Accompanying walkers 41 + Jet and Willow (+the Beverley group for the last mile)

Total Scrabble won – Nancy 14 John 14

Total money donated so far (some is still promised) £1092.50 + £126.45 Gift Aid


PS. Gallery of churches visited still to come!

One thought on “Arrival!”

  1. What an impressive feat of pilgrimage and for so many of you to have to come together to achieve this is wonderful and inspiring for any readers. I hope your weary limbs are soothed now.

    I write as I am attempting to organise for a charitable walk following your Wilberforce Way guide at the end of this month and have been perusing your site to this end. I wondered if it would be possible to liase with you about this? my email accompanies this post.

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