More than halfway between York and Brid

The four main pilgrims (Poppy, John, Linda and I) have now reached and passed the halfway point between York and Bridlington and we are well into the chalk scenery of the Wolds. The overwhelming positive feature of this walk has been the wonderful welcome we have received from members of the churches along our route.

Most of the churches we have passed along our route have been amazingly willing to come and wait in the church for our arrival with the kettle at the ready and the biscuits (often home made) on the plate and to join with us as we have prayed in their buildings. Each church has been different, but all have been lovingly cared for with their own distinctive hallmark.

Kirkham Priory was a moving place to pray in. They let us pray in the ruins last Saturday and we prayed Augustine prayer about ruins. That day was forecasted to be heavy rain, but the pilgrims, who included photographer Jane, miraculously managed to dodge the showers although nearby York had very heavy rain, where I had been as I had the wedding of a friend and colleague to assist at. Burythorpe Church had Beryl, Roger, Jackie and Elaine welcoming the pilgrims. Jenny Hill and the ladies who gave refreshments were at Birdsall with its stunning flower festival.

Kirkham Priory
Kirkham Priory
Coffee after the service at Wharram
Coffee after the service at Wharram

We joined Wharram le Street church in their Sunday worship. Andy, their vicar had welcomed us to the church the previous evening and Florence led the Sunday worship with Sue and Paul, Amanda, Dorothy, Bob, Joan and Ron.

The route to West Heslerton seemed a long way. Winteringham church was closed because of recent vandalism but there was an uplifting new sculpture after a steep climb up onto the scarp face.

'Iron Age' sculpture
‘Iron Age’ sculpture
tea at West Heslerton
Tea at West Heslerton

We walked along the scarp edge towards West Heslerton where an angel in the form of Gillian awaited us on the road. Gillian, thank you for the help to Linda and Poppy at the end of the Sunday. More welcome there with tea and biscuits from Nora, Brian, Gillian and Denise at West Heslerton church which currently has a wonderful display of miniature historical scenes. Do go if you have not yet seen them. They are there until the end of September.

Today is Bank holiday and we have had more pilgrims join us. Ruth and Ian from Rawcliffe Goole, John from Wetherby and Yang from China (on holiday in UK).

Pilgrims on bank Holiday Monday
Pilgrims on bank Holiday Monday

Today was to be a shorter walk with the wonderful views across the Vale of Pickering to the Moors. We begin the day with the new friends, made at West Heslerton yesterday, and we finish at Ganton where we were received with tea and cake by Vicar Ken, Christine, Robert, Isabel and Sue; not forgetting photographer Julie


Total Statistics (Mon)

Miles walked so far – 228

Churches visited – open 44 locked 35

Kissing gates – 164

Accompanying walkers 27 + Jet and Willow

Total Scrabble won – Nancy 12 John 14

Total money donated £737 + £90.00 Gift Aid

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