The Prequel is Completed!

The last few days have seen greater mileages per day and more people walking with us.

The 14 miles from Osmotherley to Thirsk were walked by ourselves and six other people which was a great help in keeping our minds off the aching legs and tired feet.

John Barry Carol Julia Steve Paul Karen Me
John Barry Carol Julia Steve Paul Karen Me

This day was sunny and became a little too hot as it wore on. Many of the hillside churches were unlocked and provided a welcome cool respite as we went in to pray. Some had printed out the poster I had emailed and it gave us a feeling of expectant welcome. Paul Rathbone has much local information and so it was a learning experience as well.

John Don Ruth Heather John Paul Me Sue
John Don Ruth Heather John Paul Me Sue

From Thirsk to Easingwold 5 others came and enjoyed cool cloudy, breezy weather in the morning but we had to cope with the rain as it came in the afternoon. Again open churches were a considerable blessing. We managed to make it to Easingwold in time for the walkers to get the bus back to their cars.

Steph and Jet
Steph and Jet

The stretch of countryside leading up to York was flattish and a bit nettley, a fact which was not appreciated by Steph’s dog Jet. Steph is the Christian Aid co-ordinator in York and the east Riding area. She and her husband Rob most kindly put us up for the part of our walk leading up to York and we accompanied them to Haxby Methodist church on the Sunday morning for their worship. This church runs a coffee shop (Aroma) in the main village street in Haxby selling delicious cake and coffees. Our coffees were on the house (Brilliant and great thanks to Katrina, Helen and Jackie and others we saw there.

People who cheered us on our way included: Gerry in the Oxfam shop in Northallerton, the two Coast to Coasters we met on the Northallerton to Darlington bus, Jean at the Chapel of Our Lady in Osmotherley, Sally and Hannah in Easingwold, Tony on his bike in Easingwold, Muriel Daniel tidying up the garden at St Mary’s Haxby, Joan Patton who parked on double yellow lines to greet us(!), Kath Campbell at St Margaret Clitherow church in York, Mavis and Buster in the park, Liz Piercy by the River Foss, Joy and Geoff Taylor at Trinity methodist Church, (also a Hi to Elizabeth Griffiths who was ill and couldn’t be there), Kinga from Poland visiting York for the day, Jim and John welcoming people at St Michael-le-Belfrey, Charlie Bridge and his assistant at ‘Fairer world’ (and Charlie’s wife Moyra) and then even John. Joy, Julie and Eva (whom I baptised some years ago now) in the Black Bull Hull Road. Lovely to see you all and thank you for giving time to talk with us.

Statistics (Tues)

Miles walked so far – 186

Churches visited – open 22 locked 17

Kissing gates – 12

Accompanying walkers 12 + Jet the dog

Scrabble – Nancy 0 John 1

Money donated this week £70


2 thoughts on “The Prequel is Completed!”

  1. Hello! I was one of the two coast to coasters you met on the bus. We were having a rubbish day and it really cheered us chatting to you :-). We successfully made it to the end and I’m enjoying being able to put my feet up for a bit.
    Your blog is great, I think it’s a brilliant thing you’re doing. Visiting so many different churches helps highlight the unity we have in Christ. I hope your walk is going well and all the best for the last week!

    1. Hi Becca – Congratulations on completing the Coast to Coast walk and hope you are enjoying your well-earned rest. We enjoyed meeting you too – being buoyed up also by the conversation we had.
      Nancy and John

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