Mostly Durham – we meet loads of people.

We managed to arrive in Durham in glorious sunshine in time for the prayers at the shrine of St Cuthbert in the cathedral. It felt very right to light a candle there and join in the prayers along with others and was good to meet Robin and Janet from York.

Gourmet Gospel Burgers
Gourmet Gospel Burgers

We went into the Gift shop and met Enid, went to Gospel Gourmet Burger and met Ian.

The NE Christian Aid rep Val, had emailed various people in Durham to advise them of our arrival and so we got a good welcome from Stephen Cherry, the person leading Evensong. We, and the Christian Aid project in Afghanistan, were mentioned in the prayers.

Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral

In the same evening, we visited the Lindisfarne Gospels (excellent exhibition! and nice welcome from Stephen Roberts the big red heart man) and moseyed about looking for somewhere to eat and met various other folk who had been in the cathedral Evensong. So hello to Val and Janice and Stephen, Katherine and her daughter Kaitlin, members of the choir, Rob and Theresa from Preston, and Fred from the URC church in Durham who greeted us in Priors Walk. It sounds like a lot of people in a short period of time – and it was most encouraging.

The route to the Tyne took us along a cycle track (ex rail track). Initially we took a wrong turn (how?!) and had to walk back. This is the first serious misreading of the map we have had and we thought it should have been straight forward. However a Good Samaritan Lynda kindly confirmed our new direction and gave us a Cornetto each.

Auckland Castle
Auckland Castle

Eventually we arrived at Bishop Auckland where Auckland Castle used to house the Prince Bishops but is now open to the public. The guides are excellent there, we sampled the tour on our way north two weeks ago.

St John's Escomb
St John’s Escomb

The climax of the day was our visit to Escomb church. This is thought to be the earliest complete Saxon Church in the country and possibly in the world. It was beautiful inside with a prayerful atmosphere.


Miles walked so far – 95

Churches visited – open 3   locked 5

Kissing gates – 3

Trig points – 0

Accompanying walkers 0

Scrabble – Nancy 2   John 2


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