The Preparation events

As you may imagine, the last week has seen some last minute flurries of activity, emailing and organising and packing.

The first exciting event was a photoshoot in front of the Priory which was published in this week’s Bridlington Free Press. There also should be a video clip on their website if you want to see it. Poppy Weston, who also speaks on the video clip and stands next to me in the photo, has done an enormous amount of organising for the whole of the Priory900 events. She is hoping to join us on the whole of the York to Bridlington stretch.

Then last Tuesday the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall came to Bridlington. They visited Burton Fleming, the award winning fish and chip shop, Bridlington Harbour and also the Priory. The town was very pleased to see them so soon after the birth of the new baby prince George. We were at the Priory and were introduced as the couple walking from Carlisle to Bridlington. Prince Charles seemed interested and asked about the pilgrimage. If we get a picture from the official photographer, we shall make sure it appears on this website!

Update: Click here to see a video of the Free Press photographs from the event (John and Nancy appear at the 2 minutes 15 seconds mark).

Statistics for the pre- walk week

Royal handshakes – 2 each

Photo -opportunities – 2 each

On-line donations £100   Offline donations  £65

Scrabble scores (practice!) Nancy  2  John 1


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