The 2013 challenge

It has been some time since the last posting on this website. It is not that we have been idle – just plans have been a little fluid.

However, now we have some definite dates for this year and some definite plans.

On July 28th we have a welcome now being arranged at Carlisle cathedral to start off the ‘Prequel’ walk to York prior to the Bridlington Priory900 pilgrimage, which we shall lead.  On the journey we hope to pray in as many churches as we can that we pass. We are also hoping that people from local congregations will join with us on picnics and walks. We’ve fixed up other meetings at Durham cathedral, Escomb Saxon church and York Minster.

The arrival at Bridlington Priory will be on 28th August and forms a part of a whole host of celebration events put on by the Priory. Click on the link for their website:

2 thoughts on “The 2013 challenge”

  1. Good to hear from you – we look forward to more! I was talking to someone recently who knew you both well from Clifton days – but I can’t remember who it was now!! Hope you’re enjoying life in Filey and hope we can see you before too long. What’s the nearest point you get to Ripon in your walks? Maybe we can join you at some point? But we’re away at New Wine from 31st July – August 10th – so might miss you??

    Love Cathie and John


  2. This looks great, we’ve enjoyed your walking books, would be great to walk a stretch with you. Dates and details please.

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