More people to walk with!

We are managing to maintain our twice a week walks as we slowly unpack at Flamborough. The route has now taken us as far as Ravenscar. On the leg from Filey to Scarborough we were joined by members of Heslington Church walking group despite the adverse weather forecast.

Great support from Heslington Church

The rain managed not to be too bad. By the time we reached Holbeck car park, where there were some non-walkers waiting to greet us, the sun was trying to come out from behind the clouds. Holbeck Hall hotel, once sited near there,slid down the rapidly eroding cliff in 1993  and much work has been done since providing rocks from Norway to protect from further erosion and landscaping the cliff side. The are excellent views of Scarborough from the car park now.

On Sunday we received a great welcome from Filey Methodist Church who were having a service themed on gifts and were delighted to celebrate the gift of good health and walking with us. They were most generous in their appreciation. John McCarthy, who led the service buoyantly, expertly wove everything together seamlessly with the exhibition of arts and crafts on display.

At 'Archies'

A visit to York this week meant we were welcomed as old friends to Heslington Church, Badger Hill School and Archbishop Holgate’s School. In the schools we led assemblies updating the pupils on our progress. Both schools are supporting our project financially. Badger Hill School is having a non-uniform day for us and has a display with a map and postcards of our journey.  Yrs 8 and 9 from the secondary school dug into their pockets to swell our fund-raising. Thank you Richard and Janet for organising this and to Christine for sustenance for our journey.

Leaving Scarborough behind

Hi to Colin working for Santander, whom we met near Hayburn Wyke on our leg which left Scarborough behind for regions further north! Heavy showers meant we needed a little shelter but the cliffside bushes were enough!


Week 12 Statistics


Scrabble:  Nancy 3 John 2

Kissing Gates  0

En route donations  £550.17   (includes £189 from Filey Methodist Church and Circuit, £200 from a certain individual and £50.50 from Archbishop Holgate’s School)

Mileage this week  20 miles                                                                           Nancy

One thought on “More people to walk with!”

  1. Hi Nancy and John…at last a message from the Whittakers. You are often in our thoughts…glad to hear of good news…of your progress and stamina…WOW…stamina. I hope you are continuing to enjoy the challenge. Ducks to water with your walking. Whups wrong metaphor should be like walkers to the roads!!! Take care.

    WALK TALL (just off my brain cells)

    Until we have done what
    to do, every done is done.
    Done more than be done
    and what is done to do.
    Now doing is to be done.
    Only one to do is to do.
    Having done when it is
    done is doing it as two.

    Sue x

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