An end to “no fixed abode” and a different pace!

This week has seen us moving our furniture into our new place and so reducing the number of days we are walking for the next three weeks – but the walk has continued! It seems good to know where we now can cite as where we actually live!

After crossing the Humber bridge and staying the night in Hull we ventured in the early morning through the streets of Hull to find the cycle trail between Hull and Hornsea. It begins near the old station at Hull (which I was informed is now a mosque).

Hull 'Station'

The painted hands on the clock outside the old station are set to 4.00pm which was the time the very last train left the station on this route. The path now forms Route 65  as part of the National Cycle routes but it is very pleasant (and direct) to walk along it to get to Hornsea.

route 65

It was the last day of the school half-term holiday and we met several families out for a bike ride, including David and Sharon and their children.

The route finishes at the unmissable structure at Hornsea sea front signifies in no uncertain way that you have arrive – it was a fish and chip celebration for John and an ice cream for me.

The town of Hornsea has several attractions and is protected from sea erosion by a concrete wall and sea groins, but a little further north the land is falling into the sea at a rapid rate. The path disappeared several times and we had to alternate between the sand and crumbling cliffs. The beach is littered with once solid concrete structures built quite a bit
further inland for the Second World War defences, but the sand is
beautifully golden.We met Paul, Louise and Maureen in Hornsea, Jane and Ella in Skipsea and at Bridlington Andrew and Revd Adrian from Bridlington Priory. I have finally managed to get my hair cut after 10 weeks of growth – what a relief! Thank you Andrew the barber!

New Haircut

Week 10 Statistics

Scrabble:  Nancy 1   John 2

Trig Points 1

Kissing Gates 4

 En route donations  £29

 Mileage this week    35 miles

                                                 Boxes moved in “The Move”  74


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