The Ascent into God’s own county

As a Yorkshirewoman it seems entirely appropriate to me that we crossed the Humber into Yorkshire on Ascension Day. The accompanying angel Angel Alison was supplemented by Malcolm, Margaret, Gill, Revd Andy, Alice and Alice, Charlie, Gill, Katie, Ellen, grace, Carrie, Alison and the mayor of Hessle Phil and his lady Liz
from Hessle churches who met us mid-bridge as we carried our signboard over and feasted with us on sandwiches at the picnic site on the north side of the river.  The scenery is now familiar, we have been here before.

The Welcoming Angels


The lead up to this event had been northwards along the
edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds taking in the highest point in that
county at Normanby-le-Wold. The rain on Bank holiday Monday came
blessing the farmers fields as we walked along the ridge viewing even
the very tall oil seed rape as needful of a helping splash!

Crop hazard
Rain hazard




One of the churches along the ridge is an isolated church called the Rambler’s church and nearby in the village of Walesby the church in afforded us some much needed shelter to consume our lunch.Looking later at the church we spied a gem of a picture done in beads of the Annunciation. Do look if you are around this part of the world it is stunning.

The Dean and Verger at Lincoln cathedral were more than
encouraging. We had some much needed help from Gill and Jim Grant
from East Farm, Buslingthorpe, where we spent some comfortable nights and also from Sheila and Roy Smith from Elsham. It was good to meet Annette and Elaine (both teaching assistants) in Bigby. They directed us to the National Hosta collection (we would have missed it without their guidance)

The Hosta Collection

Cheers for Brian and Jayne mine host from ‘The Chase’ in Market Rasen who provided us with the ‘golden oldies’ lunch (very nice indeed) and for Alison and Michael who welcomed us into their home in Hull and fed us right well. Also Hi to Polly and Tristan, Joanna and her two girls, Sheila and Jaqui and their two girls  andPat and Alan Cooper and their grandchildren Charlotte and Joseph (Charlotte is most keen to read this!)

Week 9  Statistics

Scrabble:  Nancy 1  John 2

Trig Points 2

Kissing Gates  26

En route donations  £  44

Mileage this week  72 miles

Wensleydale cheese (in anticipation) 225g


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