Holy week in Devon

John's casual look
Funicular Railway



The weather has continued to be amazingly good for us and everyone else, so far this spring. The walking has still be tough but not as tough as the last week in Cornwall. We have seen some interesting sights this week including the funicular railway in Lynton, the West Somerset steam railway, Lee Abbey, St St Decuman’s church, the motte and bailey castle at Nether Stowey and the white wigwam towers of Butlins in Minehead where Spring Harvest was taking place. The good weather and the school holiday have drawn people to the beaches of Devon and West Somerset and it seems as though we are in July instead of April. John has had a bit of trouble with his feet (hence the crocs in the picture) but we are being careful to cosset them.

The churches in Barnstaple joined together on Good Friday for an open air service in the High Street. It was very well attended and very moving to join with others around the 3 crosses which had been carried into the town centre from out-lying districts. We passed the sculpture which marks the end/start of the South-West Coast Path which feels like quite a milestone for us both. We have now begun to move inland and today have tackled the Quantock hills on our way to Glastonbury, Wells and eventually Bath.

We continue to be encouraged by those who stop us to talk to, give us donations or take the leaflet and say they will look us up. Special mention to Reuben and his dad whom we met near Hunter’s Inn, Peter Stanley who walked with us from Lynton to Porlock (and gave us a lift back – thank you Peter) and everyone who has taken the trouble to look us up on the website.

Week 3 Statistics

Scrabble: Nancy 1 John 1

Trig Points 2

Kissing Gates 12

Devon Cream teas 2

En route donations £68

Interesting wild life: 8 Exmoor ponies, 2 wild groups of deer, 5 lizards, 2 adders

2 cuckoos (both seen and heard) wild Quantocks horses and foals


One thought on “Holy week in Devon”

  1. Glad to see that you are beyond Minehead. Keep it up. The Jemmetts.
    We missed you at Easter Holy Comunion.
    Love from B. P. & N.

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