Cornwall becomes Devon

We have been walking for two weeks now and have crosssed the small Marsland water wich forms the boundary of the two counties. The mighty Tamar begins about 5 or 6 miles inland from this north coast. We have also passed Hartland Point where the Atlantic becomes the Bristol Channel and there was actually quite a marked difference in the fierceness of the waves.

Hartland - The first village reached in Devon
Colin and friends

This week has seen some tough walking. It is as though the cliff line keeps heaving itself up and then subsiding. The net result is a large number of fierce ascents and descents. We are getting leaner and fitter I am sure! We have met quite a number of people who are maybe logging onto this for the first time to see what the website is like. Thanks to all who have cheered us on our way and made donations. There have been good people around the north Cornwall and Devon coast in April. Especial thanks to Charlie and her mum whom we met near Crackington Haven, to Carol and Tim for cups of tea and for Colin and his friends in Bideford who had a whip round for us.

Toy Story

The Bideford to Barnstaple leg was along the Tarka trail and we managed to get tangled up with the filming of Toy Story for top gear, complete with James May. The race was an England v Germany model train race over 9 miles. Not the most gripping of races I found but I am sure that TV editting could do a fine job!

A week last Sunday afternoon we did have a rest from walking and I managed to obtain a surf board (only a body board) and went body-boarding in the Atlantic. It is the earliest time of year I have braved the sea. John was impressed and there is a picture below to prove it – not even a wet suit!


Statistics of the Walk so far

Week 1

Scrabble: Nancy 6 John 0 Draw 1

Trig Points 1

Kissing Gates 40

Cornish Pasties 2

En route donations £90

Week 2

Scrabble; Nancy 2 John 2

Trig Points 2

Kissing Gates 56

Cornish Pasties 2

En route donations £53.05


3 thoughts on “Cornwall becomes Devon”

  1. Wow! Great stuff! Like the surfing Nancy…..I remember you both in the Pacific!! Disappointing scrabble results, John……try a little cheating???? Have you got blisters and the like yet? Take care, love Mo, Bill and co.xxxx

  2. We met John and Nancy as they crossed the pebble beach at Mouth Mill west of Clovelly and were very impressed with their project and their determination!
    Keep going. We’ll follow your progress – from the computer!
    God bless.

  3. You are doing well and obviously enjoying yourselves. Re. Scrabble watch out for John coming up on the inside rail ! We look forward to hopefully welcoming you to our Church on the Headland at Sewerby, Bridlington. Good Wishes

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