The Adventure begins in style

 Thursday 31st March

We have had the most AMAZING time. We drove to the YMCA in Penzance where we were staying and dropped off our stuff and then onto the great and good reception at Land’s End. The food was WONDERFUL. Oysters, smoked salmon, lobster, dressed salmon, tomato and basil salad and all kinds of sweets and cheeses together with sparkling rose wine, cocktails (including a Lands End Sunset (which I had)). The photographer from the Cornishman paper was there and we will feature in that paper and an interview promised for tomorrow on BBC Radio Cornwall (at 6 am but you can listen on line at a more civilised time). There were big wigs from the Land’s End owners and a few folk wearing gold chains around their necks.

Apparently there are 13 people starting off on the big walk tomorrow including some star from “The greatest losers” program who lost 13 stones on his diet and is now to walk to John o’Groats and back!

What a start to the adventure.

1st April
1st April
All ready to go

We took the photos and the video for Derek Paterson to see and hear. John did sing the whole of the hymn but cyber space only allows a small amount. I missed the moment when John dislodged the arm of the signpost pointing to new York. (Dennis and others might be interested that John has left his mark!) The weather is dry but very very misty so no glorious views.

2 thoughts on “The Adventure begins in style”

  1. Sounds like marvellous stuff. Hope your first days of walking go really well. Looking forward to seeing you at the halfway point!

  2. Hi John and Nancy,

    Looks like you got caught in the infamous ‘Penwith mist’ on departing from Land’s End. I remember it well when I lived just down the road at St Just between 1975 to 1979. It could be misty in St Just and sunny in Penzance a few miles away. So hopefully you have emerged from the mist into that beautiful Cornish sunshine and are now well on your way – all the best and enjoy the Penwith Peninsula. I will be going to Cape Cornwall, St Just, 5 miles from Land’s End again in the summer but, unlike you, we are taking motorised transport there and back. You will arrive in Yorkshire (about 400 miles by car) at about the time I get back! What a thought.


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